Tobias Christl, born 1978, lives in Berlin. He is a voice artist and all-round musician. He is a songwriter, improviser, voice-over artist, composer and initiator, and plays the piano, keyboards, clarinet and guitar. His musical passion has given his vocal expression an unlimited horizon.

Tobias Christl’s music is experimental and always looking for the innovative and perfect moment. His current project is the Band WILDERN (CD-Release on ACT-Music 2014).

Tobias Christl sings and plays in numerous bands and projects and his vast stylistic range makes him one of the leading singers in Germany. He is equally in demand as a studio singer.

Tobias collaborates in the jazz collective KLAENG as a promoter. He organizes a wide range of series of concerts.

He has toured through countries including the USA, Russia, Taiwan, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy and has won prizes such as the Jugend Kulturell competition, the competition, the German Music Video Award, was nominated for the Echo Jazz, the Bremen Jazz Prize and was in the final of the Panikpreis competition.

He studied vocals and school music from 2001 to 2009 at music schools in Würzburg, Nuremberg, Cologne and Weimar. In 2001 he received a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship and studied for a year in New York.

Since 2013 he has been teaching vocal jazz at the Hochschule Osnabrück, UdK Berlin, among other. Since 2022 he is leading the department for Vocal Jazz at HfM Würzburg.


– Echo Jazz-Nomination Best German Singer  (2015)

-Nomination Best of 10 Neuer Deutscher Jazzpreis (2015)

-Winner of the German Music Video Award / Herbe Sahne (2012)

-Finalist of Panikpreis (Udo Lindenberg) with Herbe Sahne (2012)

-Nomination for Bremer Jazzpreis with Wildern (2012)

-DAAD-Jahresstipendium zur künstlerischen Weiterbildung in New York/USA (2010)

-Finalist beim Gesangswettbewerb Köln Kann (2009)

-Gewinner des Jugend Kulturell-Wettbewerbs 2007, des Vokal Total-Wettbewerbs Graz 2006 sowie des A-Capella-Wettbewerbs Taipeh/Taiwan 2007

worked with

Theo Bleckmann, Phil Minton, Jay Clayton, Sheila Jordan, Jen Shyu, Mat Manieri, New York Voices, Norma Winstone, Michael Schiefel, Jeff Cascaro, Fred Frith, Nils Wogram, Henning Berg, Steffen Schorn, Anette von Eichel, Judy Niemack, Jule Unterspann, etc

festivals & clubs

A-Capella-Festival/Taipeh, Moers Festival/Moers, Zeltmusikfestival/Freiburg, Vokal Total-Festival/Graz, Bachfest/Leipzig, Jazzralley/Düsseldorf, A-Capella-Festival/Leipzig, Orgelnacht/Zürich, Klangspuren Schwaz/Österreich, Cologne Jazz Night/Köln, Vokal Total Festival/Mainz, A-Capella-Festival/Venedig, Udo Lindenbergs Panikpreis-Festival/Calw, Tollwood Festival/München, Stimmenfang-Festival/ Nürnberg,  Umsonst & draussen/Würzburg

Carnegie Hall/New York, Philharmonie/Köln, Schauspielhaus/Hamburg, Schauspielhaus/Köln, Jazzclub Unterfahrt/München, A-Trane/Berlin, Stadtgarten/Köln, Moods/Zürich, etc

played in

USA, Taiwan, Russland, Italien, Ungarn, Niederlande, Österreich, Schweiz, Luxemburg, etc


on his behalf:

-Tobias Christl / Wildern (ACT Music/2014)

-Tobias Christl /Verschmelzung (Traumton/2013)

-Herbe Sahne / Sorry das Album (Traumton/2014)

-Tobias Christl Lieblingsband/Dieb im eigenen Haus (NRW Records, 2010)

as a sideman / guest singer:

-Sven Kerschek – Burn/Bore/Out (2022)

-Simon Nabatov – Loves (2021)

-Simon Kanzler – Nodia Es (Why Play Jazz/2020)

-Lydia Daher – „Wir hatten Großes vor“ (Trikont/2017)

-Max Andrzejewski  – „Hütte & the Organic Gospel Choir“ (Traumton/2017)

-Sampler „Magic Moments“ (ACT Music/2015)

-Fred Kösters Verwandlung (Traumton/2015)

-Max Andrzejewskis Hütte & Chor (Traumton 2014)

-Robert Landfermanns Tiefgang (KLAENG Records/2013)

-Fred Kösters Verwandlung (Traumton/2013)

-Mats Spillmann/Psalmen von Said (Unit Records, 2012)

-Maxime Bender Orchestra (Eigenvertrieb, 2011)

-Blassportgruppe Südwest/Steil (Jazzhaus Freiburg, 2010)

-Klangbezirk/Vokale und Konsonanten (Eigenvertrieb, 2007)